Petri Dish Filling Machines – Universal

Petri Dish Filling Machines
Multiple Dish Types

Our machines are designed for use with multiple types of petri dishes by using simple change parts. Common dish sizes include 55mm, 90mm, 150mm and contact/RODAC plates – all of these are easily produced within a single machine. Our unique style of plate production allows our machines to use nearly half the space of our competitors and maintain high output Custom machines quoted upon request.

All of our petri dish filling machines come with the following standard modules:

  • Enclosed HEPA drying environment
  • 100% open lid drying
  • Print station (printer not included)
  • Adjustable dry time
  • Multi-cavity pouring where applicable
  • Additive pump where applicable
  • Meniscus generation where applicable

Petri Dish Filling: IQ-MX000

The IQ-MX000 series petri dish filling machines include a class 100 HEPA-covered mini-environment. The utilization of our proprietary destacking and drying technologies provides you with exceptional quality with a minimal footprint. Changeable magazines allow running many dish types on a single machine, with production rates from 500 to 8,000 units per hour.