About Us

About IQ Designs

IQ Designs, Inc. develops and produces filling and other machinery for the medical diagnostics and food-related industries.  Our products are engineered and built to be easily operated and maintained by your personnel, at extremely high quality. Our products often take up less than half the footprint of the competition, providing huge savings in cleanroom expenses alone.

At IQ we do all engineering and manufacturing at our facility with CAD design and CNC precision.

Our Commitment to Sustainability

IQ Designs, Inc. has recently committed to practicing more sustainable business methods.  One step that we have taken recently is creating a partnership with our local robotics team to reduce waste.  The excess machinery material that used to be wasted is now donated directly to our local robotics team.  We are so excited about this new relationship that reduces waste and supports our local community.  

Our Mission

  • To provide the medical diagnostics and food industries with intelligent, common sense solutions to engineering and machinery needs.
  • To deliver your project on time and on budget with the quality you deserve, guaranteed.
  • To listen to your needs.  Whether you have investment, space, time or other constraints, IQ Designs will help you stay on the cutting edge of technology and production.
  • To provide the best customer service in the industry. Our staff will give prompt, helpful responses whether you call, text, or email.  We are here to serve you.