Petri Dish Filling Machines – Dedicated

Petri Dish Filling Machines
Dedicated Dish

These petri dish filling machines are specialized for 55mm, 90mm, 150mm, contact plates and more and run one or two dish types at speeds reaching up to 1,500 dishes per hour, per lane.

On an 8-lane machine, fill up to 12,000 dishes per hour with extremely efficient use of belt space, saving you space and time.

Our petri dish filling machines can be used with diagnostic culture media, tissue culture, agricultural filling processes and anything else that requires filling of Petri dishes. Production rates on our machines are based on a three-minute dry time. Custom machines are quoted upon request.

All of our petri dish filling machines come with the following standard modules:

  • Enclosed HEPA drying environment
  • Open lid drying
  • Print station
  • Adjustable dry time
  • Multi-cavity pouring where applicable
  • Additive pump where applicable
  • Meniscus generation where applicable

Petri Dish Filling: IQ-HSL

This is our highest speed dish filling machine, which has a space-saving design that takes up less than half of the footprint of the competition with 100% open dish drying all enclosed in a HEPA-filtered environment. This machine provides maximum dish density while allowing consistent drying. High-speed stacking using our drop stacking technique avoids stack tip-over and other problems found with conventional stackers.

The following options are also available for our petri dish-filling equipment:

  • Individual nozzle volume control
  • Bulk loader
  • Rotary edge printing
  • Passive edge printing
  • Nozzle heating
  • Packaging
  • Upgrades and maintenance for existing machinery