Tube Filling

Test Tube Filling Machine: IQ-TRX

With the IQ-TRX test tube filling machine all standard tube sizes can be filled on a single machine. Simple change parts allow filling of several different varieties of test tubes on one machine.

Our standard machine fills more than 2,500 tubes per hour with automatic feeding of tubes and caps. Cap torquing is inline and the finished product is ready to be labeled or printed before packaing. The lower cost manual assist test tube filling machine uses operator assistance or an optional vibratory bowl for loading the cap chute after filling the product with media, then uses the automatic cap torquing feature of the standard TRX system. All test tube filling systems have the option of a gas pre-flush and automatic loading of racks for sterilization. Cap torque settings are fully adustable and can be easily adapted to any cap.

Machine Specs:

  • Accepts tube diameters of 13mm to 20mm
  • Accepts tube heights of 100mm to 150mm
  • Use screw or press caps
  • Footprint – approximately 1m x 2m
  • Touch panel user interface
  • Tube feed by hopper and/or timing screw
  • Cap feed from loading chute or bulk cap feeder
  • Media delivery through use of peristaltic pumps
  • Optional: Automatic cap sorting
  • Optional: Gas flush station
  • Optional: Bead insertion
  • Optional: Diving nozzles/fill from bottom
  • Optional: Label application station
  • Optional: Printing station
  • Optional: Electronic cap torque feedback
  • Optional: Automatic racking system
  • Optional: HEPA enclosure
TRX Layback2,500
TRX Dual Head3,000