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Petri Dish Filling: IQ-HSL

Petri Dish Filling: IQ-HSL

Our innovative and cost-effective Petri Dish Filling Machines offer unique, space-saving and efficient designs to fit your specific needs.

Our highest-speed dish-filling machine has a space-saving design with 100% open dish drying, all enclosed in a HEPA-filtered environment. High-speed stacking using our drop stacking technique avoids stack tip-over and other issues found with conventional stackers.

Work with our engineers and receive high-quality customer service and machinery to fit the needs of your space and production needs.

Dish Type4

Machine Specs:

  • Up to 1,500 dishes per hour, per lane – custom lane counts available
  • Aluminum/Stainless steel construction
  • Mono/Bi plate pouring
  • Adjustable lids-off dry time
  • Meniscus generation
  • Touch panel user interface
  • Requires one operator when using automated packaging, two or more with manual packaging
  • Requires 50/60Hz, 115/230VAC single phase power
  • Pneumatic control included as standard, servo control optional
  • Housed in a HEPA-filtered mini environment
  • Media delivery through the use of peristaltic pumps

Other Options Available For Purchase:

  • Individual nozzle volume control
  • Bulk loader
  • Rotary edge printing
  • Passive edge printing
  • Nozzle heating
  • Packaging

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