Accessories for petri dish and test tube filling machines.

Complete 3- and 6-Lane Tubing Sets

  • Mono plate set for filling on head
  • Bi-plate set for filling on head
  • Single cavity for filling with dish following nozzles
  • Additive tubing connection

Added dish type change part sets for IQ-Mx000 Series Petri Dish Filling Machines

  • 90mm Petri Dish – Mono/Bi/Tri/Quad
  • Contact/RODAC Petri Dish
  • 55mm Petri Dish
  • 140mm/150mm Petri Dish
  • 125mm Square Petri Dish

Individual Filling Components

  • Standard Nozzle – Petri Dish Machine
  • Standard Nozzle – Tube Machine
  • 3-Port Manifold
  • 4-Port Manifold
  • 5-Port Manifold
  • Silicon supply tubing
  • Silicon pump tubing
  • Silicon pump tubing for additive/blood
  • Supply tubing “Y”
  • Pump saddle “Y”
  • Bi-plate coupler
  • Additive “Blood” coupler
  • Please call for equivalent replacement parts for machines from other vendors.