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Product Listing

IQ Designs, Inc. offers a wide range of products from petri dish filling machines, test tube filling machines and dipslide filling machines to packaging and sterilizers. We design our machines to pack a higher production output into a smaller footprint than the competition. See our printable brochure or our product pages below.

Petri Dish Filling Machines

Petri Dish Filling Machines Fills a single type of petri dish on one machine. Mono, bi, tri, quad plates and more can be efficiently filled with diagnostic culture media, tissue culture media or growth media, all in a very small area.

Multiple Dish Type Petri Dish Filling Machines

Petri Dish Filling Equipment Fills several types of petri dishes on one machine by using simple change parts. 55mm, 90mm, contact, 150mm and square petri dishes can all be filled with one machine.

High Speed Edge Printing

Petri Dish Rotary Edge Printing Use the rotary edge printer for printing around the dish edge at high throughput.

Test Tube Filling

Test Tube Filling Fill tubes of all sizes. Cap feeder and torquing included.

Bottle Filling

Bottle Filling Fill bottles of all sizes. Designed to fit into a typical clean bench, this machine takes up very little space and requires no dedicated clean room.

Dipslide Filling

Dipslide Filling Fills single and multi-cavity dipslides with ease.


Sterilizer Sterilizers from 9 to 450+ liter capacity.

Packaging Systems

Packaging Machines Package the product right off the filling machine with our integrated packaging solutions.

Filling Machine Accessories

Machine Accessories Filling sets, tubing, and components for petri dish and tube filling machines.

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