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Bottle Filling Equipment

Our bottle fillers provide exceptional value in a small package.

Bottle Filling: IQ-BX00

The IQ-BX00 bottle filling machine is capable of filling 120-250 500mL bottles per hour. Acceptable bottles have a square base and range in size from 125mL to 1L. Bottles are automatically uncapped, filled, recapped and output for packaging. This machine was designed to fit in a typical clean bench. Download Video (2.8MB).

Machine Specs:
  • Square base bottle sizes 125mL to 1L
  • Small footprint - 0.5m x 0.5m
  • Media delivery through use of peristaltic pumps
  • Customizable input and output conveyor lengths
  • Touch panel user interface
Model Throughput (UPH)
Bottle Type IQ-BX00
125mL 200 - 400
500mL 120 - 250
1,000mL 60 - 125
Tipped bottle for fewer bubbles during pour
Waiting to fill bottle
Filled bottle with cap replaced
Replacing cap on full bottle

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